Vereinbare gerne ein kostenloses Kennenlerngespräch für deine Einzelbegleitung für Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und Innere Arbeit mit mir
Julia Kupke

Yin Yoga Introduction – a journey to listen deeply with Biff Mithoefer and Julia Kupke (20h)

Portugal, Lisbon Agora Studio
Samstag, 12. Oktober bis Sonntag, 13. Oktober

What is this immersion about?

In this weekend immersion with Biff Mithoefer and Julia Kupke, we will explore the basic principles of Yin Yoga and how the practice can affect our physical, energetic, mental and emotional bodies.

These two days will give us space to encounter the Yin Yoga practice and philosophy from different perspectives. We will use the practice to allow experience, learning and inspiration to emerge from a space of connection, presence and openness. Through a triad of insights, exercises and the formal practice, the weekend is designed to be diverse as much as nourishing for body and mind.

Looking at the background and origins of the Yin Yoga practice as its known today provides an insight into the many ways the practice can interface and connect to many aspects of our lives and become a life long practice. With an inclusive perspective of body, emotions, mind and our nervous system, a holistic picture comes together that helps us to experience and understand the qualities of softness, flow, compassion, acceptance and harmony in an integrative way.

The intensive weekend does not replace a basic Yin Yoga training, but rather offers an introduction for those who are curious. The weekend will be an opportunity for practitioners to deepen their practice and for those teaching a gathering of new possibilities and inspiration.

Which topics will we look at during the weekend?

  • Philosophical framework and background of the Yin Yoga practice
  • Effects of the practice on a physical, emotional and mental level
  • Interfaces of Yin Yoga, meditation and mindfulness
  • Insights into the conventional and subtle anatomy of our body
  • Understanding and influence of the practice on the nervous system
  • Understanding and overview of the classic Yin Yoga postures
  • Use of props and individualization of personal practice

What is Yin Yoga?

The heart of the Yin Yoga practice is not about specific structures, dogmas or even poses. It’s about the experience we have during this practice. It’s not about how we look when we practice and how we perform which postures. It’s about being truly present with ourselves and being able to peacefully perceive what is happening at the moment.

Yin Yoga is an externally calm practice that allows body work and inner work to meet and merge integratively. A fusion of yoga and meditation that sows calm, patience and humor in us. We stay in a physical position for a while to observe how a space opens up and to listen to what our body has to tell us, because we give the body enough space and time to soften and let go while respecting our own boundaries. Many people experience a feeling of deep physical relaxation and detachment during and after the Yin practice. Thanks to the gentle and longer practiced postures, the effect reaches into the deeper connective tissue, which is not often reached with other physical yoga practices. On an energetic level, Yin Yoga encourages the flow of energy and can help release blockages and create positive health effects, so that we feel more powerful, balanced and relaxed again.

Date, Location & Price

Date: Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th of October 2024
Time: Saturday 10 am – 6 pm, Sunday 9 am – 5 pm
Where: Agora Lisboa Studio
Price: 280 Euro Early Bird, 330 Euro regular price with 10% off extra for Agora students

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